Papa Clementia is Ghana’s foremost online commodity supermarket. We take the risk out of you losing money within the rice and sugar industry by supplying you quality products at unbeatable prices and have them delivered to your retail shops or warehouses BEFORE PAYMENT. The team at Papa Clementia sources our products either directly from our factories, manufacturers, refineries or from carefully selected key distributors guaranteeing you access to high quality brands at affordable prices. We deliver next day and you are assured great customer service with a dedicated relationship manager.


Papa Clementia is a multi-national corporation whose trade is commodities notably Foodstuff, Feminine, Chemicals and Detergents. In this 21st century most of our processed foodstuff fails to supply our bodies with the needed nutrients to enable us carry out our daily activities well. As a result, we do our best to supply you with the best foodstuff from the factories without compromising quality yet they are affordable. Aside the foodstuff which we do supply, feminine products are also a core of our supply chain. We select the best for the women in terms of sanitary pads, panty liners, menstrual cups, tampons and deodorant without having to lower the standards in production because they are very affordable. We call them affordable luxury. We also do supply Detergents for every household which includes bleach, washing powder, bar soap and toilet soaps in various sizes, fragrance and colour. Now that is the True power of cleaning for your homes. Also we supply industries and small scale productions chemicals notable Caustic Soda and Sodium Hydroxide. We have the caustic soda in the form of pearls, flakes, lyles and solids. Never deal with unauthorized chemical supplier as that might be very dangerous to yourself and those around including your community at large. Our eyes and team of experts are on every stage of the production process to assure the best quality. Our main objective is to take out the risk in losing money to fraudsters and swindlers within the industry by supplying you QUALITY products before delivery.


Our goal is not to sell commodities but to help busy shop and warehouse owners free up time to spend on the things that matter most, family, friends, faith, and community. To do this we pay close attention to the quality of our products and our service to customers. We strive to always keep our promises and to communicate clearly with our customers. We are a name built on QUALITY and TRUST. We are DIVERSIFYING yet SATISFYING.