Ghana is the 64 largest export economy to the world. Exports are very important to every country’s economy. Influencing balance of payments, employment and economic growth levels. Including internal trade and economic stability. Export growth is related to income distribution, wealth and economic growth.


Precious metals

Gold is the top precious metal that is exported from Ghana. Formerly called Gold Coast, Ghana is rich in both sold gold and alluvia gold. These precious metals and gems fetch Ghana a whopping US$4.4 billion. Which makes 41.6 % of total export revenue

Cocoa is an internationally popular commodity and hence it’s no surprise, being part of the top 10 exported products in Ghana. Accounting for 17.8% of export revenue, it cashes in a total of US$1.9 billion.

Mineral fuels and oils
Oil is also one of the most prized commodities on the international market. And also features on Ghana’s top 10 exports. Wheeling in US$ 1.4 billion and 13% of total export revenue.

Nuts and fruits
Ghana cashew amongst other fruits and nuts is the 4 on the top 10 products exported in Ghana. It brings in US$ 992.4 million, making 9.3% of export revenue.

The 5 on the list of the top 10 exported products is wood. Wood from Ghana is known for its strength and durability. It’s no wonder it takes up 4.5% of export revenue and US$ 482.2 million.

Despite the country drowning in plastic waste, there is a thriving plastic industry too. It makes the economy US$ 308.5 million in cash and 2.9% of export revenue. It earns the 6 spot on the top 10 exports in Ghana.

Inorganic chemicals
Inorganic chemicals are fast gaining popularity and brings US$ 204 million to Ghana’s economy. It is the 7 on the top 10 exported products in Ghana. And makes up 1.9% of export revenue.

Slag, ash and ores
These items combined amounts to US$ 143.3 million, which is 1.3% of revenue. This earns it the 8 spot on Ghana’s top 10 exported products.

Animal/vegetable fats, oils and waxes

Featuring on the list of top 10 exported products in Ghana are animal and vegetable oils. Used for beauty purposes, cooking and as medicine by people all over the world. It makes up 1.1% of total revenue which amounts to US$ 115.3 million.

The last on the top 10 exported products list is Ghana’s growing pharmaceutical industry. Ranking in a cool US$ 78.3 million and 0.7% of total export revenue.

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